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[What does "second button" mean?]
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Qixi Festival is coming, have you got your Valentine's Day gift ready? Many couples will receive Valentine's gifts from each other on this day. What is the most meaningful gift you have received? Do you know what it means to give "second button"?

In fact, giving a gift is a symbol of love for the other person. There are many ways to express your love, such as the second button of your shirt. Let Xiaobian tell you the meaning of the "second button".

The second button is from the Japanese custom legend, because the second button heart recently, above the heart, the second button is the best gift to love, the expression of the meaning is to give the heart to each other, it represents love. If a girl asks a boy for the second button on his dress, and hangs the red thread around his neck, it shows that he is the love of her life.

The origin of the legend is the second World War, the man will go to the battlefield, it is likely to go no longer return, deliberately left the second button on the military uniform to his intended person when a lifelong memorial.

Meaning: Catch your heart. So it's the one near the chest, so count down from the collar! According TO THE NORMAL BUTTON BY THE HEART THERE IS THE THIRD, BUT IF THE BUILDING Lord to TAKE THE WORDS have to TAKE the SECOND, 2= LOVE, close to the heart IS just close to the HEART of THE second BUTTON!

This year's Tanabata Festival to send your "second button"! Give "love" to the person you love most!

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