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[Case and bag hardware fittings oxidation or scratched how to deal with!]
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First of all, if you just bought a new bag, you must be afraid that the hardware on it will be scratched. You can do some preventive work, use transparent nail polish, and evenly apply a layer on the hardware. After using for a period of time, check whether the nail polish film has fallen off and can be replenished in time.

Luggage hardware accessories should be regularly wiped with a dry cloth during use. If you find that the hardware is slightly oxidized, you can try to rub it with flour or toothpaste.

1. Prevent wear and tear. The dust particles in the air are very hard, and the contact with the hardware, coupled with the action of external force, will cause the hardware to wear and oxidize. Therefore, the maintenance of hardware must do a good job of daily bag cleaning, and clean the whole bag once a day or a week, which can not only keep the bag as clean as new, but also prolong the service life of the bag.

2. Cleaning of hardware. When the hardware is dirty, it should be cleaned in time. The cleaning method is: add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent to the clean water, wipe carefully with a toothbrush or cloth dipped in the solution, the cleaning time must be shortened as much as possible, and after washing, place it in a cool and dry place to air dry.

3. When saving, wrap the hardware with paper. When the bag is not used for a long time, you should do a comprehensive maintenance on the bag first, and then store it properly. In order to avoid oxidation or rust of the hardware, wrap the hardware part of the bag with paper, and then store it in a cool and dry place.

What should I do if the luggage hardware accessories are oxidized?

Use vinegar: If you find that the hardware bag has been rusted, dip a toothbrush in a little vinegar and wipe it slowly, you can wipe it off. Be careful not to wash the whole thing, just wipe it with wetness, otherwise it will only make the bag "blacker and darker".

Use alcohol: The chemicals in alcohol are compatible with rust, so you can use a little alcohol and then lightly clean with a cloth.

Use cleaning powder: If you find that the bag does have traces of oxidation, you can clean it with decontamination powder, and then clean it with water (make sure your packaging material is hand-washable), and wipe the bag clean after washing.

Use Vaseline: Vaseline is diluted to 10% to a slightly sticky state, and it can be applied to the surface of the hardware where the paint is peeled off, and it can be used after drying for a while. Insulation, so that the hardware surface of the bag is no longer oxidized.

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