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[There are many categories of luggage hardware accessories. How many do you know?]
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Generally speaking, luggage hardware accessories refer to the hardware accessories of handbags, backpacks, purses and so on. Hardware accessories are not the final consumer goods and need to be installed on handbags, cases and bags by different processes.

How to classify luggage hardware accessories, Jane Ming to tell you.

The main product categories of luggage hardware accessories are pull rod, castor, D buckle, dog buckle, pin pass, mushroom nail, foot nail, hollow nail, pull brand, corns, belt buckle, chain, circle, lock class, arm class.

Iuggage hardware accessories can be roughly classified according to the following: material, shape, color, specifications, etc.

1, according to the material is divided into iron, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy and other die-casting hardware.

2. According to the specific product categories, it is divided into pull rods, small wheels, mushroom nails, bump nails, foot nails, hollow nails, pull heads, corns, D buttons, dog buttons, needle buttons, belt buckles, chains, coils, locks, magnetic buttons, all kinds of trademarks and decorative hardware. All sorts of hardware have different division by function or shape concretely. And all kinds of hardware fittings also have a lot of specifications.

3, according to the plating, there are many colors: white lightening, gold, gun black, bronze, blue, chrome, etc. Electroplating also has many places to pay attention to, different electroplating color on the process requirements are not the same. The export should pay attention to whether it meets the requirements of environmental protection and non-toxic.

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