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[Why do bags need to choose hardware accessories?]
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With the development and progress of society, people are increasingly pursuing individuality and uniqueness. All kinds of daily necessities like to have their own exclusive styles and characteristics, which promotes the continuous development of the personalized customization market, such as the luggage customization market. Customized luggage has become popular, not only loved by consumers, but also favored by many large and medium-sized enterprises.

Although the hardware accessories of luggage can not directly reflect the quality of luggage, they will also indirectly show the grade of luggage.

Why do luggage need to choose luggage hardware accessories?

The cost of good hardware accessories is high, and efforts are made in the development of abrasive tools, electroplating or anti-rust treatment. The inferior hardware accessories blindly pursue low prices, ignoring quality, and are prone to paint peeling and rusting. And the gloss isn't enough either.

Luggage hardware accessories are classified according to material, which can be divided into iron, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, etc. Copper hardware accessories are heavier than other materials, the quality is better, and the price is relatively higher than other materials. When choosing luggage hardware accessories, pay special attention to the raw materials of the manufacturer, pay attention to the quality and reliability of the manufacturer, strictly control the quality from the source, and grasp all the possibilities of quality. Choose good materials to make good bags

When looking for manufacturers to customize luggage, many purchasers pay too much attention to the style and fabric, but rarely pay attention to the choice of hardware accessories on the luggage. In fact, this is very bad. Hardware accessories cannot be lacking in the process of luggage customization. Don't look down on these small hardware accessories, their role is not small. Small luggage hardware accessories add taste to luggage, play a finishing touch, and even directly determine the service life of a luggage.

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