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[Popular science: the use of the buckle need to pay attention to the seven items]
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The following seven items should be paid attention to when using the buckle:

1. There are many different types of binding machines, and different binding machines have different mounting sizes of upper and lower molds. Therefore, when ordering binding molds, clothing factories must determine the size of binding mold handle according to their respective binding machines. Commonly used die handle size specifications are divided into upper die 9.5mm, lower die 12.6mm and upper die 10mm and lower die 12mm.

2. Before binding the buckle on the fabric, the fabric must take a hole, the diameter of the hole should be corresponding to the size of the buckle foot (generally about half of the buckle foot diameter).

3 binding mold installed on the binding machine, must ensure the concentricity of the upper and lower mold, generally not more than 0.1mm.

4 binding mold is a more precise product, so when adjusting the mold, from loose to tight, the position is not too tight.

5. When binding, the position of the cloth can not make the button on the lower mold tilt, otherwise it may affect the binding quality.

6. As the number of times of binding increases, the binding mold will wear out. Therefore, in the production process, should be random sampling inspection. In case of double circles of eye rings and buckle, the binding mold should be replaced in time, otherwise it may break after binding and affect the quality and appearance of garments.

7. When binding with flute, it should be ensured that the deformation of buttons before and after binding is not more than 0.05mm, otherwise it may cause non-standard fastening force and other consequences.

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