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[Metal buttons are designed in various shapes]
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All buttons have their own unique design. In order to match buttons perfectly in clothing, designers design buttons of various colors and shapes with their unique vision, of course, metal buttons are no exception. The button of high grade can develop its practical and beautiful sex incisively and vividly.

Metal buttons

The modeling design of metal buttons is different from pure artistic design such as sculpture, sculpture and painting. It includes form, pattern, color, material, practicability, durability, productivity and technology of mass industrial production.

The shape of the metal button is composed of which two parts

1, the shape of geometric modeling and three-dimensional modeling

2, local modeling. Due to factors such as productivity, technology, safety and so on, common is round, hexagonal, not equilateral, equilateral and so on, common is spherical, hemispherical, float molding and other three-dimensional modeling. Common is in the shape of the basis of individual and all local details for modeling, such as adding Arabic numbers, English letters, plane design, animal, portrait, flowers, registered trademarks and decorative patterns.

Judge metal button stand or fall of two major conditions

(1) practicality and aesthetics

(2) Direction compatible with clothing. Practicability, beautiful sex is generally easy to understand, is mainly clothing compatibility of directional said metal buttons and service for which kind of clothing, is a suit, or fashion, shirt, children's clothes, jeans, leather apparel, underwear, shoes and hats, leisure, and so on, should consider their commonness, and take into account the particularity of them.

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