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[Garment accessories - child and mother buckle]
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What is the child and mother buckle?

Snap button: Style, more fashionable, suitable for coat, winter coat, fashion women's clothing, men's taste, such as high-end clothing collocation, such products are widely used in the coat and winter coat, such products advantage according to apparel clothing fabric color for injection or dyeing processing, also can spray pearl powder processing, effect is better, The dress matching with this process is extremely beautiful, the effect is more prominent, the process is more perfect.

Mother-child buckle, also known as button, button, is related to clothing and other similar objects constitute a temporary connection, positioning of a component. One-time button-down, Yin and Yang buckles are still composed of Yin and Yang chimeric parts and their riveted parts respectively, but the inner flange of circular chimeric part of Yin and Yang chimeric parts is evenly provided with intermittent grooves, and the outer edge of the circular chimeric part is provided with intermittent arc-shaped through groove, and the back of the through groove is reinforced.

Good use, even and consistent tension, not affected by clothing thickness and other factors. In addition to buckle, button should also include hand piercing needle, ring, etc. Hand piercing needle is PP material made of plastic mold, widely used in clothing, shoes, handbags, gifts and other industries, its function is mainly used for hanging tags. Its structure is divided into the head and tail, also known as male and female, the head is divided into trigonal and round, the tail (i.e. the hole end) is divided into cylindrical and round table.

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