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[Tiny buttons make a big difference!]
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Button is used to connect clothing (including clothing, gloves, hats, belts, etc.), shoes, home textiles, bags and other fasteners made of various materials. What is a button? A button is a knot in a garment that holds the sides of a garment together. Initial action is used to connect the front of the garment, already developed gradually to have artistic quality and adornment sex more beyond maintaining its original function except now, namely individuation. Good buttons it can make your clothes more perfect, play the role of "finishing touch", have a certain aesthetic effect.

In detail, the button that connects the front of the clothes, that is, the button that we often say is another button, such as the wind belt connection button, is not connected to the front of the clothes, but we are used to the two together for one, collectively referred to as the button. Small buttons also serve a very different purpose as ornaments.

1. Many long clothes are decorated with buttons, such as trench coats, dresses, jumpsuits and so on. The arrangement of clasp also some is in some in the middle side, perhaps some arranges a curve, there is many knowledge inside this. The button is in the middle, which can create a middle line. With the middle line as the axis, the symmetry on both sides of the garment can visually lengthen the height and make people look more slender.

2. The buttons are on the side, and the side breasted buttons are widely used in the long trench coat. Of course, many dresses also add a row of buttons on the side, which may be arranged in a straight line but not confined to a straight line. Following the movement of the body presents a wonderful curve.

3. The most common cheongsam with diagonal buttons is the cheongsam. If you are very confident about your body management, a Cheongsam with diagonal buttons in your wardrobe will certainly give you a different surprise.

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