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[When encountered metal nameplate printing, color difference processing]
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      What is the condition of the color difference when encountering a metal nameplate ?


      As the printing nameplate of the material as the material of the metal plate, sheet, metal foil, called metal nameplate printing. In the process of metallic nameplate, there is often a condition of color difference in printing. Next, the method of manipulation of the metal nameplate printed process is simply introduced.


Dismissal variation in the outlet: The main reason why the outlet color difference is:

1. Increase or decrease in mechanical balance, including printing pressure, ink, lubricating solution, rubber cloth, metal plate surface coating, etc.

2. Optical outlets increase or decrease, refers to the change of the metal nameplate printing backsheet in the transfer to the process of the PS version.



1. Conditioning the pressure to fit the print request, such as the pressure is too high, the metal nameplate version will present the expansion of the graphic, and the network blot level is constituted when it is unclear, affecting the power. The pressure is too small, the printing plate presents ink, the blot clarity is poor, the outlet is empty

2. Control the viscosity of ink

3. Control the pH value of good moisturization, conductive value

4. The rubber cloth is equipped with the standard to prevent the rubber cloth from rendering stretching, changing the network changes brought about by tightening deformation.

5. Accurately manipulate the exposure, make sure the backsheet is restored.


The chromatic aberration of the selection is absolutely caused, the top priority of the episode is to be positioned in the printed process in the printed process. Method:

1. Pressure adjustment fits a metal nameplate print request, including various liners

2. Expectant, side, and 牙 positioning accurate

3. Install the PS version of the fit

4. Discy, restoration film scale

5. Positioning is accurate

6. Metal nameplate Manufacturing scale accuracy dedicated to the national standard, fit equipment function

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