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[Technical prospect of custom keychain]
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   As the economy's progressive keychain is more and more extensive, there is a car lapock and a keychain to a keychain.

    Practical new types involve daily necessities, especially a keychain

    Keychain, also known as key buckle, key ring, keychain, key hanging, etc., materials for making keychains are generally metals, leather, plastic, wood, etc., this material is exquisite, and the shape is dry, and it is people carry it every day. daily supplies.


    The label keychain is the latest development of zinc alloy auto supplies, and the surface is made of rust treatment by drip oil or plating metal: it is a car's 4S shop promotion gives the owner's exquisite gift. It is also a must-have car inside the car, car Pendant, personalized fashion items.

    Car keychain, also known as car key buckle, car key ring, car key chain, car key hanging, etc., materials for making car keychains are generally metals, leather, plastic, wood, etc., this matter is exquisite and small, and the shape is people a day. Carrying with you, car keychain is a decorative item hanging on the key ring.

    The label  keychain and the keychain opened with people are often separated separately. Many keychains will bring inconvenience to people, often there is a loss of the key.

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