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[The fashion collocation of clothing cannot be separated from the hardware buckle rope]
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Have you noticed a phenomenon? The clothing and bags with metal buckles seem to be relatively high-end, which is obviously different from ordinary clothing products. It is also a windbreaker, the plastic rope buckle windbreaker obviously does not have the sense of distance given by the hardware rope buckle, simple but not simple. Why do some people like LV/GUCCI? In addition to the better tensile force, hardware buckles are mostly used for high-end products, which will give people an eye-catching effect.

First, when we look at the same two pieces of clothing, the metal buckle rope can be found at a glance. The surface of the rope buckle is delicate, smooth and flat. The rope buckle exudes a metallic luster without a trace of scratches. It is cold and heavy when held in close range, and there is no feeling of lightness. There is no rusty rope stuck after washing clothes for a long time. Condition. The surface electroplating process complies with the national environmental protection standards, and the color can be customized.

This is an outdoor casual wear with a plastic rope buckle. It is a classic and commonly used rope buckle made from POM environmentally friendly materials. Personally, there is nothing special about it. The reason why the classic model is classic will not be eliminated, and it is used by many people and versatile. It can be used in clothing, shoes and hats, toy packaging bags, and small outdoor backpacks, which shows that this classic rope buckle is widely used. And now the perfect rope buckle of various crafts can be customized for different effects, and the plastic rope buckle can still be water-plated with gold and silver on the surface, and even the bells and whistles will be useful.

Although luggage hardware accessories cannot directly reflect the quality of luggage, they will indirectly show the grade of luggage. Good hardware accessories are expensive and of very good quality, and will not rust easily. However, low-end hardware accessories often have quality problems, prone to paint peeling, rust, and insufficient gloss. Therefore, in the process of luggage customization, the choice of hardware accessories should be careful and not careless.

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