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[Bag hardware accessories faded treatment]
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In life, the box hardware accessories have been used for a long time. It is actually very easy to show in the case. At this time, if there is a good place in the bag, we will see what it is. Methods can make the luggage hardware accessories to recover luster.

1. Try the oxide layer on the surface of the luggage hardware with a cotton fiber with a cotton fiber to remove the oxide layer surface of the luggage hardware, then wash it with water, take a paper towel or absorbent cloth.

Method for rustling the box hardware accessories

2. If there is a rusty stain in the luggage hardware accessories, 10% oxalic acid can be rubbed and the concentrated salt water is controlled until the paper towel or absorbent is suction.

3, if the luggage hardware accessories are severely staining, it is also possible to use the knife to gently scrape it, apply the armor oil or dry.

Tips: Many fashion bags of hardware accessories are easy to wear rust, so when using the luggage, users should pay attention to let the luggage waterproof and sweat, so as to avoid the oxidation of hardware accessories, affecting beauty.

Although the luggage hardware accessories cannot directly reflect the quality of the bag, it will also present the grade of the bag. Good hardware accessories is high, and the quality is also very good, and it will not be easy to rust. However, the hardware accessories often have quality problems, which is prone to paint, rust, and the gloss is not enough. Therefore, during the customization of the luggage, the choice of the hardware accessories should be careful.

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