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[The hardware accessories of the bag determine the high fashion sense]
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It is often said that hardware accessories have a finishing touch to luggage, which shows the importance of hardware accessories to the quality of luggage. The quality and grade of a bag can be reflected in many details. As long as you know how to observe, you can quickly see the grade of a bag. Every bag has some hardware accessories, at least a zipper. A good bag must be equipped with good hardware accessories. For the overall effect, bad hardware accessories are a serious consumption of the texture of the bag. On the other hand, since good fabrics are used, why not go with good hardware to add the finishing touch?


How to distinguish the quality of hardware accessories?


1. Inferior hardware accessories will make handbags and bags inflexible to open, unable to push, not close tightly, not sliding smoothly, sagging or even falling off, causing trouble and inconvenience to consumers.


2. Push and pull several times to feel the sliding and closing smoothly.


3. Carefully observe whether the appearance process is rough or defective, and then weigh the weight by hand, the heavier the better. The better the hardware fittings are electroplated and oil-sealed, the better their anti-rust, acid, sweat and scratch resistance capabilities will be.

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