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[What are the uses of injection-molded signs?]
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Injection sign is a kind of plastic product with very good decorative performance. It is first processed by injection molding, and then the required production process and color effect of the injection sign product are subjected to secondary processing. After the surface is decorated, the surface has strong gloss, good hand feeling, and color. Bright, with specific effects such as metallic texture. The following editor will show you what are the uses of injection-molded signs!

1. Furniture products: widely used in wardrobes, kitchen utensils, bathroom, doors and windows, sofas, office desks and chairs;


2. Packaging signs: gift boxes, wine boxes, tea boxes, moon cake boxes, cordyceps packaging boxes;


3. Luggage accessories: LOGO for suitcases, cast aluminum boxes, aquariums, fishing gear, leather goods, etc.;


4. Mechanical equipment: decorative signs such as lathes, heavy industrial equipment, excavators, machinery, chassis, construction equipment, etc.;


5. Electronic appliances: refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters, range hoods, LCD TVs, stage audio, air purifiers;


6. Auto and motorcycle accessories: car logos and body parts, Che Youhui special car logos, motorcycle mailboxes, guard plates, brackets, front and rear decorative advertising signs, electric car body signs; (Note: surface decoration of auto parts and motorcycle parts injection-molded signs The quality is different, so there is also a difference in price, depending on the actual quality requirements.)

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