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[What are the pulls? ]
Release date:[2021/7/14] Read a total of[64]time

Also known as zipper brand, zipper, pull, is an important component of the slider, mainly used for supporting the use of clothing, luggage and other zipper, the general production of zinc alloy, copper, iron, plastic and other materials To meet different needs. And according to the size of the type of production slider rotation, bending and so on.

In addition to functionality, pull also has a strong decorative, most of the slider is the brand's carrier, because it can be plated in the surface of different colors and laser, silk screen, Epoxy, etc., can produce different patterns, letters, shapes, etc. Style. The pull can be designed to be coupled to the slider body in a variety of geometric shapes or to the slider body through the connecter for zipper opening and closing. Pulling a lot of material, such as metal, injection molding, leather, diamonds and so on.

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