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Dongguan Yiming Hardware & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., the company has been steadily healthily and health since its built, has a perfect production equipment and technicians, self-located plating workshop, has a full set of work lines, and has always adhered to "excellent manufacturing, fine processing, quality Exquisite, design reasonable "excellent quality. Products are exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Japan and all over the country. We advocate the spirit of "unity and enter"! Deeply praised and trusted by our customers!

◇ Main products:






No Touch Keychain and Door Opener 

◎ Our business philosophy:

        Integrity, service.

◎ Our commitment:

       Customer-oriented, manufacturing the products with market competitiveness, good service, grid, reaching a win-win consensus

       All major enterprises and institutions are welcome to sample, and the number is not limited. Welcome to inquire at any time, we will be happy to serve you. We look forward to your guidance from our company.

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