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[How to buy good button jewelry]
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Button jewelry inspection methods and requirements and standards:

1. Control samples or confirm small samples. See if the color and model match the sample;

2. There should be no cracks, gaps, unevenness and obvious scratches on the surface of button jewelry

3. No car cracks and bubbles on the back of the face; no rotten edges and uneven thickness;

4. The pattern should have no obvious deformation, no white eyes, white circles and other phenomena;

5. The grommets should be smooth and clear; all the needle eyes should be worn and broken, and should be symmetrical and without big eyes. If it is a dark eye buckle, the dark eye groove should be smooth and without obvious burst.

6. After electroplating or other processes, the effect should be uniform. If some special effects cannot be consistent, they can be packaged separately.

7. The color difference of button jewelry in the same batch should not be lower than the GB250 level 4 standard, and compared with the sample, it should not be lower than the GB250 level 3 standard.

8. Packaging inspection, after the appearance inspection / customer required performance test are all qualified, then repackaging. Certificate of conformity or other labels should be put in the packaging. The quantity of the packaging should be in accordance with the regulations, and the actual quantity of each bag should be in accordance with the regulations. If it is found that the tolerance is exceeded due to uneven thickness or other reasons, full inspection is required.

9. Anxious button / car pen button / five-claw button jewelry shall be tested before shipment to test the performance and usability of the button jewelry, and provide mold and test samples to customers.

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