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[Go out less during the epidemic, please bring no touch keychain and door opener]
Release date:[2020/5/26] Read a total of[68]time

When going out during a new coronavirus outbreak, people need to minimize contact with door handles in public places. To this end, Dongguan Zhenming Hardware & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. launched the "no touch keychain and door opener" to help people easily open the door without touching the door handle.

The door opener is made of metal brass sanitary antibacterial material, the shape is a bit like the lowercase English letter d, but the front end is designed into a hook shape, which can be hooked to open the door handle.

The end of no touch keychain and door opener is connected to a reel with retractable cord, which can be buckled on the belt. When you need to pull the door handle, just pull the door opener on the reel and hook the handle with the door opener. In addition to opening doors, "no touch keychain and door opener" can also press elevator buttons or vending machine buttons.

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