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[no touch keychain and door opener A small product that can perfectly solve the must-do problem.]
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During the epidemic, in order to isolate the spread of the virus, doctors and experts have always emphasized that one less contact and one less chance of spread. In this case, non-contact delivery services are used for takeout and express delivery in Europe and America. no touch keychain and door opener also became hot.

no touch keychain and door opener, look at this gadget that looks like a key, it is a hands-free door opener.

The highlight of no touch keychain and door opener is that the material is made of an alloy containing antibacterial metal material brass, which is durable and effectively antibacterial. It can be used repeatedly after cleaning. It is small and easy to carry around. It can be placed in a pocket or bag . no touch keychain and door opener is mainly used to open and close door handles, drawer handles, press buttons on ATMs and elevators, and can be used on touch screens and signature pads when checking out in stores, and can also be used to carry shopping bags to avoid Direct contact with surfaces or buttons in public and shared objects.

no touch keychain and door opener can be hung on the keychain or used as a charm. During the epidemic, less touching public goods in an unknown environment is also a kind of protection for many people. Many people have cultivated some habits of avoiding contact.

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