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[Non-contact door opening is also a way to protect yourself]
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Elevator buttons, door handles in public places, etc., all belong to the "high-risk zone" where viruses are indirectly contacted and spread.

There may be a certain proportion of the number of people who can use the elevator, but the door lock and door handle are the parts that every household uses every day. This is very risky for ordinary community residents. Actions such as eating on the surface of a contaminated object and rubbing your eyes unintentionally may cause infection. "

I would like to remind everyone that we must do a good job in home cleaning,

But when people are negligent, what should they do in case of improper cleaning?

How can we prevent accidents from happening?

no touch keychain and door opener can help us solve this trouble.

no touch keychain and door opener Although it is not an anti-epidemic product, it has also made a certain contribution in anti-epidemic. During this period, the heat and trends are very good. In the face of the epidemic, many people will make a relatively rational response and decision Start from the side and use smart small products to protect your own safety.

In the current epidemic situation, when we are not sure where the virus is lurking, every place where the public has been exposed is full of risks, and the probability of hidden dangers of door handles in public places is extremely high; therefore, this kind of door opening with no touch keychain and door opener Instead of pushing the door directly, it applies not only to the present, but also to the future.

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