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[What is no touch keychain and door opener?]
Release date:[2020/5/12] Read a total of[60]time

What is no touch keychain and door opener? no touch keychain and door opener can open all types of doors without touching the door handle, in order to avoid the spread of the new crown virus.

Coronaviruses are still highly infectious on commonly contacting surface materials. Like some micron-level viruses, the human eye cannot see them. According to expert research, on average, hundreds of strangers contact the same surface every hour. Therefore, we cannot determine whether a person with coronary disease has touched the surface you touched before. And no touch keychain and door opener will help you avoid contact with this virus, so that we can protect our health outside. It can also be used anywhere, and no touch keychain and door opener is easy to carry, even it can touch electronic devices and screens.

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