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[A small product of zipper is becoming a rising industry]
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Clothing, shoes, bags, bedding, and sporting goods. In people's daily life, zippers are ubiquitous. Such a small product has inadvertently created a sudden rise in China's economic development. industry.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, China's zipper industry has entered a period of rapid development with a continuous growth rate of more than 20%. Zhang Dongli, chairman of the China Hardware Association, stated that in 2004, China ’s zipper output reached 28 billion meters, and sliders and accessories reached 800,000 tons. Zipper not only forms a huge industrial scale in China, but also occupies half of the world.

According to statistics, China currently has a certain scale of zipper manufacturing enterprises, reaching more than 2,000, with more than one million people engaged in the zipper industry. Of the 50 billion yuan sales share of the global zipper market, mainland China occupies 25 billion yuan, and 80% is exported to countries around the world. At present, the only company that can compete with Chinese products is Japan's YKK, with sales of more than 16 billion yuan, while South Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions only account for about 10 billion yuan.

In China, as one of the earliest industries that entered the market economy, zipper has led a large number of emerging private enterprises to stand out and become the main body of the industry. With their flexible mechanism and rapid response to the market, they have introduced advanced technology, and used new materials, new processes, and new equipment to continuously develop new products to meet growing consumer demand. At present, China's Wenzhou, Jinjiang and Yiwu have formed veritable zipper industrial cluster bases.

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