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[How to install and fix aluminum nameplate products during use?]
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How to install and fix aluminum nameplate products? Can it be pasted on the product? Can I fix the aluminum nameplate to the product with screws? These are the questions often asked by customers. Next, Dongguan Zhenming professional luggage nameplate manufacturers will answer them one by one: the installation and fixing methods of aluminum nameplate products during use.


First of all, I will introduce to you the basic installation and fixing methods of aluminum nameplates: sticking double-sided adhesive on the back, installing with feet on the back, drilling or punching installation, pressing iron buckle, etc.


1. Double-sided adhesive tape is installed on the back. This type of nameplate installation method is used more often: it is commonly used in furniture, appliances, doors and windows, electronics, kitchenware, bathroom and other products. Make sure that the mounting surface is free of impurities, oil, ash, etc. The quality of the adhesive and the length of time depend on the quality of the double-sided tape. Please choose imported 3M or ordinary foam rubber, oil glue, water glue and other double-sided tape according to actual needs.


2. Installation with feet on the back: You can set the diameter, length, and distance of the feet according to the required position. This method is firm in installation, but the requirements on the contact surface are strict. The feet are symmetrical with the aluminum nameplate to ensure the installation fit.


3. Drilling or punching installation: punching or drilling can be performed at the corresponding position on the surface, and the screws can be installed and fixed. The principle is the same as the installation with feet, and the equipment needs to reserve corresponding holes.


4. Pressed iron buckle installation and fixation: This installation method is usually used for luggage products. The iron buckle pressed on the back of the aluminum nameplate product can be inserted into the required installation items.

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