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[Status of China's clothing accessories market]
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The three major categories of zippers, linings, and buttons in China's apparel accessories industry occupy an important position in the world's accessories industry. The number of companies, product quality, and technical level have reached international advanced levels. However, there are also many problems in the excipient industry, such as low efficiency of enterprises, heavy production costs, and single sales channels.

On January 18, the auxiliary industry "Smart +" technology service platform "Excipient Industry" was officially launched for internal testing. At the beginning of its establishment, the excipient industry looked at the pain points of the excipient industry, hoping to use technology to help the excipient companies solve these industry problems, provide information and system integration solutions for the apparel accessory industry, and aspire to build a comprehensive service platform for the apparel industry supply chain.

Plastic Hanging Granules: Transformation and Upgrading Problems for Excipient Enterprises?

1. Management level and information level are backward

The traditional excipient-based workshop management model can no longer meet the needs of the modern production industry, the information is blocked between various departments, and the entire business process is complicated. The huge and obsolete management model not only consumes financial and material resources for operation, but also lacks the ability of randomness and on-demand, which has become the shackles of enterprise operation.

For example, some enterprise order management:

Information such as pictures, specifications, prices, and stocks are still entered by hand, which is very labor- and material-intensive;

A manifest requires many departments and many people to dock, and the information generated directly between the department and the department and between the responsible person and the responsible person is seriously misplaced;

The manual recording process is long, and the data is prone to errors. Once a problem occurs, all products must be reworked;

Special order followers need to verify the progress of the orders one by one, and the work efficiency is very low.

Now is the era of the mobile Internet. The control of enterprises on information technology determines its development speed. Excipient companies need to make information improvements to all work processes, optimize management processes, and improve management levels.

2.High production cost and low output rate

Production costs and output rates have been a stumbling block to the rapid development of excipient companies. No matter how the company saves human and material expenses, or consumes a lot of production costs, the reason is that the utilization of resources is not high, including personnel, equipment, order resources, and so on.

For example, in terms of order sharing:

Some enterprises cannot digest a large order, and the order information distributed to outsourced factories is often wrong, such as the quantity and specifications do not meet the requirements;

However, some enterprises have irregular orders. When there are fewer orders, resources such as venues, equipment, and personnel are idle, resulting in high production costs.

Even if some factories cooperate with each other and share orders, they can reduce costs and increase output to a certain extent. But the cooperation method is usually based on offline communication, which is very inefficient.

To reduce production costs and increase output rates, excipient companies must revitalize excess resources, optimize resource allocation, and reduce transaction costs, open a closed supply chain model, cooperate fully with their peers, and transform into a converged supply chain model.

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