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Looking for luggage nameplate customization, come to Dongguan Zhenming Hardware Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. Today, I will introduce the classification of luggage metal nameplates.

Luggage metal nameplates are common in daily life, mainly by dissolving different colors into the plastic film, so that they are displayed on the metal nameplate board by developing methods. It is mainly a product produced through different manufacturing processes. Luggage metal brands What are the daily production methods?

1. Corrosion nameplate: The corrosion nameplate is also the etching nameplate. Mainly check the convex nameplate or concave nameplate made by three steps of masking and post-etching processing.

2, flat sun nameplate: the use of photosensitive sun nameplate method, dissolve different colors into the film, so that it can be displayed on the metal plate by the development method, so as to achieve a meaningful purpose.

3. Silk-screen nameplate: Use resin ink to screen-print on the surface of the board after the pre-treatment, and then carry out processes such as gloss retention and lamination to make a variety of exquisite colored silk-screen labels.

4. Thermal transfer nameplate: It is a special panel generated by the surface treatment process of the metal sheet, and then the color picture you designed is printed on the transfer paper by inkjet printing, and is reversed to the metal plate by heating. , Made of nameplates.

5. Powder treatment method: Use a flat brush dipped in the old powder (double powder) to scrub the ears in a uniform and cross method to listen to it until the effect of removing dirt or oxygen skin is removed, and then use a 5% potassium dichromate aqueous solution. Closed.

Understand that luggage metal nameplates have different characteristics, but they also have many similarities. For example, the production methods such as beautiful appearance and long service life will help daily use. Metal nameplates made of different materials have different characteristics. Characteristics, but there are many similarities, such as beauty, long-term use, and so on.

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